The Plan

Hailing from Greymouth on the isolated West Coast of NZ’s South Island, Cory has already achieved a staggering amount for someone of his age. His drive and commitment led him to become the youngest person ever to complete the Solo Trans Tasman yacht race, at just nineteen years old. And his plans for the next four years include some of the world’s toughest and most gruelling solo yacht races.

“Sir Peter Blake – he is the reason I got into sailing, and the reason why I want to keep sailing. To become half the man he was, as a sailor, a leader, and a New Zealander; would be my ultimate achievement.”

The Goal: Conquering The Pacific

Over the next five years I want to achieve more than most do in a lifetime. I want to compete in some of the biggest yacht races right here on home turf. I want my sailing to be a Kiwi campaign – something that any New Zealander can follow and be involved in.

I’ll be racing solo or shorthanded to promote shorthanded sailing, even though some of these races can be done fully crewed.

These events are some of the hardest yacht races in the Southern Hemisphere and are widely respected by sailors worldwide.

Race schedule 2018-2021

  • 2018 ANZ Auckland to Noumea
  • 2019 Round New Zealand two handed yacht race
  • 2020 Round North Island two handed yacht race
  • 2020 ANZ Auckland to Fiji
  • 2021 Ostar

There are also many smaller local events that I’ll compete in, in addition to these main events. These annual events offer Auckland-based and coastal sailing, and my program would include (but not be limited to)…

  • Wednesday night race (summer)
  • Winter series
  • ANZAC 150
  • SSANZ Triple series
  • Coastal Classic
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